Aspire, Achieve and Thrive

Child Protection & Safeguarding

Child Protection Policy-September 2021Safeguarding Policy-September 2021

Pupil Wellbeing and Safety

Behaviour Policy-September 2021Wiltshire Behaviour FrameworkAnti-Bullying Policy-October 2021

E-Safety Policy-May 2022Illegal Substances Policy-December 2021Procedure for Safe use of Prescription Medication and Medical Arrangements-December 2021Health and Safety PolicyManagement of Transport-December 2021

SEND and Pupil Premium

SEND Policy

SEND Information ReportPupil Premium/PPG Review 2019-2020Disability Exams Policy-April 2022Exams Policy-April 2022Use of Word Processors in Exams-April 2022

Teaching and Learning

Assessment Policy-September 2021

Curriculum Policy-October 2021Relationships and Sex Education Policy-December 2021Provider Access Policy - June 2022

Admissions, Attendance and Exclusions

Admissions Policy-April 2022

Attendance Policy-April 2022Exclusion Policy-September 2021

Data Protection & CCTV

Data Protection Policy-September 2021

Secure Data Handling Policy-December 2021

Privacy Policy-December 2021

Privacy Notice Pupils-December 2021CCTV Policy-October 2021

Complaints and Whistleblowing

Complaints Procedure-December 2021

Serial or Unreasonable Complaints Policy-December 2021Whistleblowing Policy-September 2021


Equality & Diversity Policy-May 2021

Accessibility Plan-December 2021


Capability of Staff-October 2021

Code of Conduct for Teaching and Support Staff

Charging and Remissions

Charging & Remissions Policy-December 2021


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