Aspire, Achieve and Thrive


Ethos and aims/ statement of purpose

The ethos of the school is centred around the needs of the individual, the overall aim being able to provide each pupil with the highest standards of teaching, learning and care. Within our educational community much emphasis is placed upon warmth, security, support, consistency, honesty, respect, guidance and encouragement. It is our intention that the pupils in our school will benefit from the positive relationships we can offer through the role models they work with and that they will fully engage, achieve and thrive in our care.

The main priorities for our staff are to consistently meet the educational, social, emotional and physical needs of each pupil. We aim to prepare and equip our young people with the appropriate skills that are essential for becoming a successful and resilient citizen within today’s ever-changing society.

At Downland, pupils learn within a broad and balanced curriculum and can achieve a range of GCSE qualifications and life skills. Pathways are designed to challenge and develop pupil’s skill sets and are created in response to the SEND profile and aspirations of individuals and each cohort.

In addition to the academic (taught) curriculum, we provide a well-structured and purposeful pastoral curriculum to: enhance development of social conduct; increase resilience; enhance well-being and develop citizenship. There are clearly defined links between the taught curriculum and the tutoring programme that compliment PSHEE, develop Literacy and focus on the skills of being an appropriate citizen. The school emphasises the importance of reward and celebration and this is strongly embedded within our culture.